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THE DEAD GOATS Baptized In The Grave EP (Yellow)
THE DEAD GOATS Baptized In The Grave EP (Yellow)
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SPASM Lust For Feculent Orgasm CD

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Zespół: SPASM
Tytuł: Lust For Feculent Orgasm
Label: Copremesis Rec.
Nr. Kat.: COP019
Format: CD
Styl: Goregrind

1. Tombs Of Wombs
2. Screen Bloody Whore
3. Faecal Pornboss
4. Fifty-Five Masturbating Nuns
5. Fucked Pussy Pool
6. DH 112 Incident
7. Cunt - Flavoured Milk
8. Caviar Freethinker
9. He Passed Away Without Cathing Any Fish (Fisherman's Song)
10. House By The Lavatory
11. Big Pig Sick Penis
12. Scuffle For The Last Ovary
13. Crazy Babies
14. Lusick - The Horny Heroin(e)
15. Ham - Or - Rage
16. Manure Fuck
17. Secret Secretion
18. Horse- Faced Woman
19. March Of An Old Bitch
20. Tyrs The Embalmer
21. Dead But Tasty
22. Drink Of Feculent Decay
23. The Last Penile Cut
24. Supersized Slave To Mobile Closets
25. Sandpaper Onany
26. Fistfuck Terrorism
27. Feet Licking King
28. Enema Enemy
29. Shower With Two Genitals
30. Happy Pussy Family
31. Gradual Effusion Of Offals
32. Give Me Your Suppurant Cunt
33. Heavy Fecal Bastard
34. Devoted Deviant
35. Two Mornings With Three Dildos
36. Dancing With Headless Fuckers
37. Anal Trip To Trance
38. Piss Me Goodbye
39. Worm Eaten Rectum
40. Branscombe Richmond

Pierwszy pełny album Spasm. Goregrind cult!

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