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SEPTIC AUTOPSY Cadaveric Malignancy CD

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Tytuł: Cadaveric Malignancy
Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.
Nr. Kat.: BLP0201
Format: CD
Styl: Goregrind

1. Postmortem Hypostasis
2. Aortic Dissection & Black Lung Dysfunctions
3. Blood Clots
4. Chronical Deep Vein Thrombosis
5. Hemorrhagic Diphyllobothriasis In Cadaverous Anomalies
6. Analysis Of Toxicants Cancerous Cells
7. Forensic Autopsy In Septic Conditions
8. Abuse Of Human Anatomy In Malignant Forensic Practices
9. Forensic Dentistry For The Pathologist
10. Putrefaction The Process Of Decay
11. Decomposition In Immersed Bodies
12. Viscera Progressively Disintegrate
13. Decay In Buried Bodies
14. Convulsive Necro-Fascination Of Bloated Cadavers
15. Buried In A Shallow Grave
16. Adipocere Formation (Beauty Of The Death)
17. Several Months Dead In Water
18. Mummification Changes
19. Post-Mortem Damage By Predators in Environmental Conditions
20. Infernal Disgust

Kompilacyjne wydawnictwo Septic Autopsy. Gore grind sickness!!!

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