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MAGNUS Alcoholic Suicide LP (Black)
MAGNUS Alcoholic Suicide LP (Black)
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SPERMSWAMP If Abortion Is A Murder, Masturbation Is A Genocide CD

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Tytuł: If Abortion Is A Murder, Masturbation Is A Genocide
Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.
Nr. Kat.: BLP0184
Format: CD
Styl: Cyber Porno Goregrind

1. Introduction To Where The Excrements Breed
2. Orgasmatic Urethral Ulceration
3. Instrumenstrual
4. Chunky Testicular Wong-Tong
5. Rectal Slush Puppy
6. A Penis In Slavery
7. Raped With A Cell Phone While A Long-Distance Call With Your Uncle
8. Genital Burger
9. Severe Sphincter Dislocation
10. Teen Virginity Taking With A Chainsaw
11. Necro-Incest In Grand-Pa's Coffin
12. Sodomizing A Pus Filled Under-Age Rectum
13. Fermented Anal Nectar
14. Rave-Girl Is Sexualy Abused While She's On X-Tacy
15. Uncontroled Orgy In The Infantile-Deficients School Bus
16. Vomit Is A Good Lubricant (Even With The Chunks)
17. Obstruction Of The Desophage By A Purulent Dead Dick
18. Bin Laden Deep Throat
19. Obey To Your Daddy
20. Sperm-Container Whore
21. Poodle Sodomy
22. Horny Farm
23. Wet Nightmare
24. Oversized Anal Canal
25. Angelic Smegma Eruption
26. Diarrhoeic Polka
27. Spermsoaked Stream Of Rectal Dejections
28. Pre-natal Sex
29. Vaginal Cheesecake
30. Harry The Happy Pedo-clown

Reedycja pierwszego pełnego albumu Spermswamp z całkowicie nową szata graficzną poszerzona o bonusy.

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