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DECOMPOSING SERENITY My Apologies To The Nuns That Drowned CD

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Tytuł: My Apologies To The Nuns That Drowned
Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.
Nr. Kat.: BLP0363
Format: CD
Styl: Goregrind

1. Raped by a priest in a burning church
2. Band aids are one sale... lets get ten
3. Lovely view of the ceiling as i am dragged
4. Dining with spirits i adore
5. Loneliest place to cut flesh
6. Peel the skin this way
7. Snails in the drawer will be used
8. Three eyeballs in my pocket
9. Sorry I served you bacon
10. More leaves, less twings to cover it up
11. Be polite to the dead
12. Curse the corpse that wouldnt drink
13. Rabbits are not always nice at night
14. I taste blood on this bread
15. Found your leg under the tree next to your grave
16. Arrested by steven seagull
17. Use the suitcase for it s intended purpose
18. Dont stop for the ducklings
19. Leave it, i like it broken
20. Picking scabs in bed
21. Pelicans swarming the decayed

Trzeci pełny album kultowej załogi cyber goregrind.

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