Drugi pełny album Wormrot wydany na vinylu w barwach Earache Records.

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Tytuł: Dirge

Label: Earache Rec.

Nr. Kat.: MOSH443LP

Format: LP

Styl: Grindcore


A1. No One Gives A Shit, A2. Compulsive Disposition, A3. All Go No Emo, A4. Public Display Of Infection, A5. Overpowered Violence, A6. Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass, A7. Spot A Pathetic, A8. Evolved Into Nothing, A9. Butt Krieg Is Showing, A10. Fucking Fierce So What, A11. Ferocious Bombardment, A12. Principle Of The Puppet Warfare, A13. Deceased Occupation, B1. Waste Of Time, B2. Stench Of Ignorance, B3. Meteor To The Face, B4. Addicts Of Misery, B5. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem, B6. Erased Existence, B7. Back Stabber Mission Aborted, B8. Destruct The Bastards, B9. Plunged Into Illusions, B10. Manipulation, B11. A Dead Issue, B12. The Final Insult, B13. Grind Emergency, B14. Grind On Impulse

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Wormrot
Styl Grindcore
Label Earache