UERBEROS Tormented By Faith CD

Debiutancki album Uerberos wydany przez Immortal Souls Productions. Brutalny death metal dla fanów Immolation, Vader.

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Tytuł: Tormented By Faith

Label: Immortal Souls Prod.

Nr. Kat.: ISP037

Format: CD

Styl: Death Metal


1. lntro, 2. ...And Finally, I Will Come, 3. Destroy The Enemy, 4. Tormented By Faith, 5. To Be Seen And Heard, 6. Black Emissary, 7. My Lord, My Father, 8. No Redemption, 9. Live And Die Like A Human, 10. Respect For Death

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Uerberos
Styl Death Metal
Label Immortal Souls