PUTRID PILE Paraphiliac Perversions CD

Piąty pełny album Putrid Pile.

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Tytuł: Paraphiliac Perversions

Label: Sevared Rec.

Nr. Kat.: SR-317

Format: CD

Styl: Death Metal


1. Intro, 2. Death Décor, 3. Punishment, 4. Human Stress Reliever, 5. The Kiss Of Death, 6. Puke On It, 7. Gutter Sludge Tramp, 8. Humiliation Modus Operandi, 9. A Necrophiliac's Pastime, 10. Necro-Pack Rat, 11. Whore Annihilation, 12. My Semen Rots In You, 13. I Need You Dead, 14. Onward The Dogs Of War, 15. Toxic Shock Therapy, 16. You Dead = Me Satisfied, 17. Outro

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Wykonawca Putrid Pile
Styl Death Metal
Label Sevared