PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR War Against The Global Maze Of Tyranny CD

Piąty pełny album Psychopathic Terror. Death metal dla fanów Unleashed, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Dismember, Necrony…

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Tytuł: War Against The Global Maze Of Tyranny

Label: Dark Blasphemies Rec.

Nr. Kat.: DBR010CD

Format: CD

Styl: Death Metal


1. Dealer Of Death, 2. Seeds Of Destruction, 3. The Swiss Shakedown, 4. The Katyn Massacre, 5. The Goldstein Massacre, 6. That's When I Became A Revisionist, 7. The Invisible Government, 8. Zionist Psychopaths, 9. Parasitic Terror, 10. EU Corruption, 11. Red Terror Revisited, 12. Other Losses, 13. Food As An Instrument Of Genocide

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Wykonawca Psychopathic Terror
Styl Death Metal
Label Dark Blasphemies