NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION The Human Society Wants More Gore CD

Reedycja drugiego pełnego albumu Neuro-Visceral Exhumation.

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Tytuł: The Human Society Wants More Gore

Label: Eclectic Prod.

Nr. Kat.: EP042

Format: CD

Styl: Goregrind


1. Hang 'Em On Their Own Guts, 2. Sinister Traces Of Violence, 3. Homicide Is On My Side, 4. The Human Society Wants More Gore, 5. From Eva Comes My Obsession, 6. Profanation, 7. Hatred-Bloodbath And Hecatombe, 8. Hatefilled Atrocities, 9. Hit Me With Dead Flesh, 10. Stabbing Cranial Tumours, 11. Phisically Humiliated, 12. Handsaw Rectal Abortion, 13. Insanity By Female Anatomy, 14. Unfinishing Bleeding, 15. Helga (Lost Her Fuckin' Head), 16. Washed In Recto-Visceral Secretions In A Collective Carnage Post Intercourse

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Wykonawca Neuro-Visceral Exhumation
Styl Goregrind
Label Eclectic