MOLECULAR DECAY Memories Of Violent Rotten Chapters CD

Debiutancki album Molecular Decay wydany w barwach Coyote Records.

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Tytuł: Memories Of Violent Rotten Chapters

Label: Coyote Rec.

Nr. Kat.: COY198-19

Format: CD

Styl: Goregrind


1. Intro - Necronomigore, 2. Human Entrails Savored By Humanoid Reptiles, 3. Bloody Sacrifice Delivered To Baal, 4. The Planet Is Attacked By Bloody Malignant Energy, 5. Kidnaped By Humanoids And Butcher Reptiles To Feed Their Embryos And Make Experiments, 6. Cortando Su Garganta Hasta Desangrarce, 7. Bebiendo Sangre Como En El Antiguo Mundo, 8. Desmembrado y Despellejado Por Vastagos Extraterres, 9. Snatching Your Soul And Enjoying Your Pain, 10. Cámara Sepulcral, 11. Mentes Controladas, 12. Extractions of Humans Organs for Their Blood, 13. El Come Bebés, 14. Satanic Easter, 15. La Roca de Las Maldiciones, 16. Extraterrestrials Rape Pregnant Woman And Then Proceed To Eat Her Fetus And Her Delicious Flesh, 17. Mongolian Killer, 18. Prepare Food With Human Flesh, 19. Abraquiocefalia, 20. Cool Ejaculation, 21. Larvas Del Gran Necrófago, 22. Membranas Supurativas y Hemorrágicas, 23. Point Of No Return (Napalm Death Cover), 24. Exumed And Consumed By His Own Father, 25. Repugnant Possession, 26. Mutilated and Raped by a Maniac Priest, 27. Bleeding Peptic Ulcer (Regurgitate Cover), 28. Helped Into Putrefaction, 29. Psichopathic Insane, 30. Holocaust With My Family, 31. Carne Inherte Putrefacta Encontrada, 32. Do I Look Like I'm Drugging Or What, 33. Cadáveres Encontrados Decapitados En Descomposición, 34. Eating Shit Vomit And The Bitting My Flesh, 35. Intestinal Extractiondue To Severe Infections, 36. Outro - April 19th Ritual Day


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Wykonawca Molecular Decay
Styl Goregrind
Label Coyote