KREATOR Extreme Aggression 3LP

Vinylowa reedycja czwartego pełnego albumu Kreator. Potrójny vinyl spakowany w solidny gatefold (Noise Rec., 2017).

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Tytuł: Extreme Aggression

Label: Noise Rec.

Nr. Kat.: NOISE3LP023

Format: 3LP

Styl: Thrash Metal


A1. Extreme Aggressions, A2. No Reason To Exist, A3. Love Us Or Hate Us, A4. Stream Of Consciousness, B1. Some Pain Will Last, B2. Betrayer, B3. Don't Trust, B4. Bringer Of Torture, B5. Fatal Energy

Live In East Berlin 1990:

C1. Some Pain Will Last, C2. Extreme Aggression, C3. Under The Guillotine, C4. Toxic Trace, D1. Bringer Of Torture, D2. Pleasure To Kill, D3. Flag Of Hate, E1. Terrible Certainty, E2. Riot Of Violence, E3. Love Us Or Hate Us, E4. Behind The Mirror, F1. Betrayer, F2. Awakening Of The Gods, F3. Tormentor


Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Kreator
Styl Thrash Metal
Label Noise