GUTALAX Shit Happens CD

Drugi pełny album Gutalax.

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Tytuł: Shit Happens

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Nr. Kat.: RRR054

Format: CD

Styl: Goregrind


1. Dick Dip, 2. Licking the Brown Line of Fat Old Granny Bitch, 3. Toi Toi Story, 4. Fart Fart Away, 5. Cock Corn, 6. Nature Mature, 7. Smoked Ass with Diarrheal Sauce, 8. Shit Demon, 9. Dildo Pytlik of the Brown Ring Dildo Baggins, 10. Fucking from Behind of Macaw Kakadu, 11. Hot Dick, 12. Rectal Orakle, 13. Brothers in Ass, 14. They Took from My Asshole One Meter Long Streptoccoci, 15. Hairytails, 16. Shit 'Em All

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Gutalax
Styl Goregrind
Label Rotten Roll