FLESHLESS Free Of Pain/Stench Of Rotting Heads CD

Kompilacyjne wydawnictwo Fleshless z 2009 roku. Kawałki ze splitu z Mastic Scum oraz demo “Stench Of Rotting Heads”.

25,00 zł



Tytuł: Free Of Pain

Label: Metal Age Prod.

Nr. Kat.: MAP070

Format: CD

Styl: Death Metal


1. Step from the God, 2. I'm the Part of You, 3. I Will Grind Your Fingers, 4. Free Off Pain, 5. Your Ignorance... My Death, 6. With Blood on the Hands, 7. Behind the Wall, 8. Right Now Bleeding Gods, 9. Sexual Carnage, 10. Birth of Immortality, 11. Deviation, 12. Dying Future, 13. Stench of Rotting Heads, 14. Dissection Into the Grave, 15. Burial, 16. Krvavý Dezert

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Fleshless
Styl Death Metal
Label Metal Age