FECALIZER Fecal Inferno CD

Trzeci pełny album Fecalizer wydany w barwach Coyote Records.

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Tytuł: Fecal Inferno

Label: Coyote Rec.

Nr. Kat.: COY189-18

Format: CD

Styl: Goregrind


1. We Are The Infection, 2. Welcome To The Crack Whores Nation, 3. Rectal Barbecue, 4. Your Last Day On Earth, 5. One More Day To Survive, 6. Misanthropic Manifesto, 7. No Matter What, We'll Always Rise Again, 8. A Crust The Universe, 9. It's Coming For Me, 10. I Want Pussy, 11. Born In A Cesspool Of The Third World, 12. Hell Is Here, 13. Even So, I Have To Kill You, 14. When The Protocol Fails, 15. Ecal Inferno (Instrumental)


Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Fecalizer
Styl Goregrind
Label Coyote