ENDOCRANIAL In Presence Of Total Absence CD

Drugi pełny album Endocranial. Rekomendacja dla fanów old school US brutal death metal w stylu Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Gorgasm, Suffocation.

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Tytuł: In Presence Of Total Absence

Label: Amputated Vein Rec.

Nr. Kat.: AVR073

Format: CD

Styl: Brutal Death Metal


1. Intro, 2. Novus Ordo Seclorum, 3. Bishopfall, 4. Creeps to Revenge Personally, 5. In Presence of Total Absence, 6. Submission, 7. Committee of Three Hundred, 8. Pluto's Cave (instrumental)

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Endocranial
Styl Death Metal
Label Amputated Vein