DIZASTOR After You Die We Mosh CD

Debiutancki album Dizastor. 100% Bay Area Thrash Metal!!!

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Tytuł: After You Die We Mosh

Label: Defense Rec.

Nr. Kat.: DEFENSE016

Format: CD

Styl: Thrash Metal


1. Beer and Baloff Attack, 2. Drain Babies, 3. Ziptied, 4. Scientifically Impossible, 5. Down and Out, 6. Masters of Death, 7. After You Die We Mosh, 8. President Evil, 9. Feast Then Felony, 10. Carpool Drive By, 11. I'll Eat Your Children / Sober Insane, 12. No Ma'am (Live), 13. Initiation (Live), 14. Birds of Prey (Live), 15. Hell's Pass (Live), 16. Kill Posers (Live)

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Dizastor
Styl Thrash Metal
Label Defense