DIRA MORTIS Rusty Razor Cuts CD

Kompilacja demosów Dira Mortis.

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Tytuł: Rusty Razor Cuts

Label: Defense Rec.

Nr. Kat.: DEFENSE021

Format: CD

Styl: Death Metal


1. Intro / Revulsion, 2. Cruel End, 3. Slow Agony, 4. The Return Of Evil, 5. Funer(e)ality, 6. Intro, 7. Reality, 8. Obsessed With The Vision Of Apocalypse, 9. I'm Power Of Myself, 10. False Prophecies, 11. Dead Souls, 12. Dominated By Fear, 13. Murder Epidemic, 14. Artificial Layer, 15. Burned Out By The Thoughts, 16. Intro, 17. Architecture Of Mind, 18. Vex Victim, 19. Sentence

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Dira Mortis
Styl Death Metal
Label Defense