CRUSHER From The Core CD Digipack

Kompilacyjne wydawnictwo Crusher. Demosy + 6 niepublikowanych wcześniej kawałków.

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Tytuł: From The Core

Label: Lecter Music Agency

Nr. Kat.: LMA019

Format: CD Digipack

Styl: Death Metal/Grindcore


1. From the Core, 2. Time of Hammer, 3. Death Is Not Dead, 4. Abscess, 5. September in Paka, 6. Naive, 7. Strands of the Past, 8. Absurd Machines, 9. People of Three Faces, 10. Intro: Quiet Before the Storm, 11. Impossibility of Conversion, 12. Believe in Hell, 13. Death's Not Choice, 14. Silent Pain, 15. Outro: When the Storm Calms Down, 16. The Sentence, 17. Termination (...No Way Out), 18. Last, 19. Back to Reality

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Crusher
Styl Grindcore
Label Lecter Music