CRANIOTOMY Old Poetry Of Rotting Flesh CD

Dwa pierwsze albumy Craniotomy ("It's Not Cut Out - It Can't Be Eaten" i "Cut A Piece For Your Hunger") wydane na jednym CD. Całośc zremasterowana oraz opatrzona zupełnie nową grafiką. Ultra brutal guttural death metal dla fanów Disgorge (US) czy starego Devourment.

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Tytuł: Old Poetry Of Rotting Flesh

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.

Nr. Kat.: BLP0198

Format: CD

Styl: Brutal Death Metal


1. Cut A Piece For Your Hunger, 2. Death In Eyes, 3. Sick Call, 4. Disgust And Pain, 5. Dekubit, 6. Goreburger, 7. Discreet By Butcher, 8. Born In The Dissecting Room, 9. He Torture The Brain With A Drill, 10. Suffering In Womb, 11. 120 Days Of Sodomy, 12. Tasty Meatball, 13. Liquified Infant Genitals, 14. Hole For Everythink, 15. Bath In Acne, 16. Patho Greed, 17. Visit, 18. Body Rot, 19. Bloody Axe In Your Ass, 20. Hate, Pain...Death Your End, 21. Let Us Show Your Personality, 22. Man - Disease Of This World, 23. Necrophiliac's Love Song, 24. The Last Martyrium (Instrumental)

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Wykonawca Craniotomy
Styl Death Metal
Label Bizarre Leprous