COLLISION A Healthy Dose Of Death LP

Trzeci pełny album Collision wydany na vinylu (grey/red splatter).

50,00 zł



Tytuł: A Healthy Dose Of Death

Label: Nuclear Vault Rec.

Nr. Kat.: NVR004

Format: LP

Styl: Grindcore


A1. Screamer, A2. Going Nuts With Splattered Guts, A3. Fucked Up And Wasted, A4. Rock Around The Chopping Block, A5. Charming Chicks With A Crucifix, A6. My Super Sweet Stalker, B1. Machine Girl, B2. Feast On Filth, B3. Sick Love Story, B4. Christ Candy, B5. Zombified, B6. Dose Of Death, B7. The Violence Of The Lambs

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Collision
Styl Grindcore
Label Nuclear Vault