ANALKHOLIC Strictly Drunk CD

Drugi pełny album Analkholic. Coconut-porn-goregrind.

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Tytuł: Strictly Drunk

Label: Rotten Roll Rex.

Nr. Kat.: RRR069

Format: CD

Styl: Porn-Goregrind


1. Anal Bukkake Party, 2. Fist of Victory, 3. Rectal Itch, 4. Chinese Revolution Part. I, 5. Diarrhea Shower, 6. Gloryhole Victims, 7. Chief's Sauce, 8. Electroshocked Pussy, 9. Porn To Murder The World, 10. AxKx, 11. Grind & Roll, 12. Helicockter, 13. Chinese Revolution Part. II, 14. DP Party, 15. Drink My Beer to Hell, 16. Puñeta Della Muerte, 17. Strictly Drunk, 18. Bonus Song

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca Analkholic
Styl Goregrind
Label Rotten Roll