BY BRUTE FORCE We Declare War CD Digipack

Piąty pełny album By Brute Force. Brutal death/grindcore dla fanów Misery Index, Terrorizer, Napalm Death.

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Tytuł: We Declare War

Label: Nice To Eat You Rec.

Nr. Kat.: NTEY076

Format: CD Digipack

Styl: Death Metal/Grindcore


1. Get Gone You Wanker, 2. We Delcare War, 3. Rampage Time, 4. Pulling the Trigger, 5. Modern Old School Anthem, 6. No Weakness for a Death Trip, 7. Recovering the Crowd, 8. Episode of Daily Grind, 9. Global Enslavement, 10. The Monkey Puppet Show, 11. Dead Beat Alleyway, 12. Homeland Butchery, 13. Human Dynamo, 14. Fresh Blood Toxic Waste, 15. Torrent of Hatred

Informacje dodatkowe

Wykonawca By Brute Force
Styl Death Metal
Label Nice To Eat You