Our releases

DP/061 VITUR Transcending The Self CD (2024)
Vitur is a new band from Warsaw/Poland. Despite his short time on stage, Vitur is confident in himself and the path he has chosen. The four-person combo (Hostia drummer in lineup) will present itself in its full glory in the fall of '24 with an album titled "Transcending The Self".
The debut album will contain nine songs in the vein of brutal, technical, but at the same time dark death metal in the vein of The Faceless, Deeds of Flesh, Suffocation, Origin, The Zenith Passage or Archspire.

Release date: TBA

DP/060 PINCER CONSORTIUM Geminus Schism CD (2024)
MMXIX: after crossing underground paths in Belfast, Poland’s Maciek Pasinski (ex-Sirrah, TheMANcalledTEA, qip) and Ireland’s Pete Dempsey of ‘Scald’ agreed to join forces with a view to creating various extreme musical projects beginning with the now defunct Scald’s unreleased material with positive results. Following this, it was time to get down to a more intensive collaborative arrangement with the focus turning to the formation of a fresh endeavor, unconnected to their standing and previous bands. This new dark pact would soon come to be known as ‘Pincer Consortium’.
MMXXI: after weaving a complex black-worded lyrical tapestry in the style of a dualistic chronicle representing the phases of conflict between metaphorical, multi-level opposing forces, and with the duo designated its new two-pronged syndicate name, Dempsey presented this grand Odyssean tome to Pasinski who began work on bolstering the concept with a hard-forged, vast auditory repertoire in the mold of a hyper-progressive, industrial, death, black metal recital, sound-tracking a descending pyramid of critical existential stages, under the over-arching life, death and rebirth of the universe. The finished article now manifesting itself and is going to be released by Deformeathing Production as the ‘Geminus Schism’ album.

Release date: TBA

DP/059 TBA (2024)

DP/058 ANTIGAMA Warning LP (2024)
The band was formed in 2000 to create avantgarde grindcore & bizarre noise. After years of hard work, several tours, festivals, eight albums, several splits and smaller releases, Antigama has become one of the biggest names on the planet with its own unique of twisted, avant-garde grindcore.
"Warning" brings frenzied, quirky bursts of aggression meld modern metal extremity with the discordant work of Voivod's early era and raw rock riffs to further set Antigama apart from the other grindcore hordes.
The full-length album from 2009 will be available for the very first time on vinyl. A special 15th-anniversary, deluxe, limited edition. Heavy, 180 gr. 12" LP packed in a solid gatefold + 4-page 30x30 cm insert + hype sticker. Released under exclusive license from Relapse Records.
Recommended if you like: Napalm Death, Cephalic Carnage, Nails, Godflesh, Pig Destroyer.

Release date: TBA soon...

DP/057 SACRIVERSUM The Shadow Of The Golden Fire LP (2024)
The cult debut "The Shadow Of The Golden Fire" available for the first time on vinyl. Deluxe edition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original release (only on cassette at the time). 12" 180 gr. vinyl issued in a strict limit of 300 pieces (250 x Milky Clear, 50 x Milky Clear w/ Black and Orange Splatter), packed in a solid gatefold + double-sided insert with lyrics 30x30 cm. The whole is complemented by an exclusive, commemorative linear notes written by the band's bassist/vocalist - Remo.

DP/056 SACRIVERSUM The Light Of The Live Storm - Live In Lodz 2022 CD/DVD (2023)
Sacriversum, the undisputed legend of Polish underground music. They are placed in one row with Imperator, Tenebris, Pandemonium as creators of the Łódź scene, and over the years, of course, recognized throughout the country. Initially, with a more traditional lineup and instrumentation, the band is based on proven doom/death metal patterns. After joining Baran, the band begins to build his own style with keyboards...
After over 17 years, the band returns to the world of the living with almost the original line-up: Remo - bass/vocals, Baran - keyboards, MacKozer - guitar, Trocin - drums. Since Sacriversum's reactivation, he has played quite a lot of concerts, rediscovered his area of activity, has ambitious plans and signals that he has definitely not said his last word yet.
A return "gift" for fans and a kind of test for the band will be the live release "The Light Of The Live Storm - Live in Lodz 2022". The material will be released in the form of CD+DVD packed in a 6-panel digipack + booklet, and the publisher will be Deformeathing Prod.
The CD contans 10 songs (+ intro) covering almost the entire career of the band (including hits such as Wounded Flames, Never Give Up, Pure Evil and Revenger). The DVD is the same program expanded with a "vision" that was prepared for release by professionals (4 cameras, dynamic editing, good quality sound).
The material for this release was recorded during a concert that took place on October 22, 2022 in Łódź, at the "Klubopiwiarnia" club.
The release is limited to 300 pieces.

DP/055 AGIMA SUN Ultra Fiction CD (2023)
New Europe 2333 AD
The machines clone our memories from the ashes of humanity's backup archives.
Mankind has tried for decades to perish and submit to the master control program.
And quietly died.
But the final love story would not be written in the future.
It would be done here, in our present.
Agima Sun enters the scene with a cyber-infused mixture of guitar dirt and retrofuturistic atmosphere.
No debutants by any means, the members are related to post-metal ensembles from southern Poland, disguised under mnemonic avatars.
CD housed in super jewel case.

DP/054 GHOST Bad Obsession LP (2023)
Exactly 30 years after the original release on cassette by Carnage Records, the cult demo "Bad Obsession" has its premiere on vinyl.
Ghost is one of the leaders of the contemporary scene, mentioned with such names as Vader, Armageddon, Slashing Death, Violent Dirge, Betrayer, Christ Agony or Hazael.
To this day, it is remembered and valued, as evidenced by subsequent reissues of materials in various places of the globe and in various formats.
Deformeathing Prod. presents a beautiful edition on vinyl limited to 500 copies (no reprint is planned) in three color versions: Black (350 copies), Beer (100 copies), Beer/Black Splatter (50 copies).
The LP is packed in a solid gatefold + insert + poster in A2 format + two postcards.
The album includes one previously unreleased song - "Morbid Game" in a live version from the cult festival Jarocin '93.
Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio) is responsible for special mastering for vinyl.
New layout by XXV The Sign.

DP/053 HOSTIA Nailed CD / LP (2022)
"Three nails weren't enough? We'll fix it with fifteen."
Hostia is back with its third full album. The stage wise men say that the third album in the history of each group is groundbreaking. It is difficult to say whether the situation is similar in this case. Uniqueness is incalculable, breaking patterns cannot be assessed. “Nailed” shows that the unholy quartet doesn't have to do anything, and does everything. New Hostia is an unlimited play with the convention of extreme music.
The album was recorded traditionally at JNS studio. Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio) is responsible for the production.
Pachu Design is classically responsible for the graphic design and the development of accessories.
CD in standard jewel case + slipcase.
Vinyl released in three versions:
- Black (limit 350)
- Grimace Purple (limit 100)
- Grimace Purple with Gold Splatter (limit 50 + collectible accessories)

DP/052 EPITOME ROTend CD (2022)
8 years after the release of their previous album, Epitome are back with a new album. The legendary band has prepared 17 completely new numbers. Twisted, mechanical grind clashes with pure death metal and leaves ashes. Nothing more.
The CD released in a standard jewel case + 16-page booklet + slipcase.

DP/051 HOSTIA Resurrected Meat CD (2022) / LP (2024)
Death/grind quartet Hostia returns with the mini-album “Resurrected Meat”. 6 premiere tracks + "Chvrch Bvrner" song remixed by Natalia Zamilska. The material was recorded by Paweł "Janos" Garbowski "JNS Studio". Haldor Grunberg "Satanic Audio" is responsible for the production. The graphic design was handled classically by Łukasz Pach "Pachu Design".
CD version, limited to 500 pieces. Jewel case + slipcase edition with gold varnish.
LP version - black, 180 gr. vinyl (+ silkscreen), limited to 300 pieces (with four color versions of the print on the LP), packed in a solid gatefold.

DP/050 CHRIST AGONY Daemoonseth - Act II CD / LP (2022)
Re-release of Christ Agony's second album. Special mastering prepared by Satanic Audio. New layout done by XXV The Sign.
12" Vinyl limited to 500 copies (350 x Black, 100 x Oxblood, 50 x Splatter) packed in a solid gatefold + insert.
CD in a standard jewel case + slipcase.

DP/049 CHRIST AGONY Unholyunion CD / LP (2022)
Re-edition of the cult debut of Christ Agony. Special mastering prepared by Satanic Audio. New layout done by XXV The Sign.
12" Vinyl limited to 500 copies (350 x Black, 100 x Crystal Clear, 50 x Splatter) packed in a solid gatefold + insert.
CD in a standard jewel case + slipcase.

DP/048 SPHERE Blood Era CD (2022)
"Blood Era" is a natural continuation of the previous release "Mindless Mass", but also a new quality and new approach to the genre of death metal, in which Sphere has always been rooted. The band tried to release an album that is more stylistically coherent, but also enriched with elements that had not previously appeared in their music.
The new album is a blasphemous journey through an age of contempt, a blood era as an aftermath of the ever-growing presence of the Catholic Church in everyday life. Dressed in metaphors taken from the Book of Revelation, Blood Era is a rebellion of people indoctrinated by religious beliefs and tired of its hostile take over of freedom of thought. It is opposition and resistance.
An album which host two guest appearances: Damien Boynton (Desolation, ex-Vital Remains) and Dave Suzuki (Churchburn, ex-Vital Remains, ex-Deicide).
CD released in standard jewel case + 16-page booklet + slipcase.

20 years after the original CD release, the debut album has its analog version.
12" Vinyl released in three color versions. The LP is packed in a solid gatefold + insert. On the occasion of the re-edition, a completely new graphic design was prepared and the audio part was slightly facelifted for the vinyl format.
Pioneers of porn metal, visionaries and crazy riders, never chased and one of a kind - PSYCHOTROPIC TRANSCENDENTAL!!!

DP/046 ANGERPATH Forgotten World CD (2022)
On polish music market -  as well as on the other music markets we can observe many reissues. But not every diamond is found yet! One of them is - now shining debut album from Angerpath. Oryginally released through US record label Epitomite Productions back in 2007 – unfortunately with no Polish distribiution.
Time (without facebook and all of current promo-possibilities) pushed that CD without needed attention. „Forgotten World”, after all those years still sounds fresh and it is definitely worth of picking it up!
For this reedition the whole album was remixed, refreshed with a completely new sound and mix of the drums – so now the album gets hi-quality touch and gets sound of „a new life”.
Angerpath is a combination of line-ups of prog-metal band NeWBReeD together with Pachu of Hostia as a vocalist. So naturally we can hear melodies, groove and enough hard punch with an old school growl!
No stylish suprises here, but on „Forgotten World”  you will hear years of experience with instruments and on the stages! Still – you will get something special from that.
CD will be released as jewel case + fat booklet + slipcase.
The album gets also totally new graphic looks by the voice of the band – Łukasz „Pachu” Pach.
In yje veins of: Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Grave, Entombed, (old) Paradise Lost, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, At the Gates, Vader, Gorefest, (old) Anathema, (old) My Dying Bride, Death, Yattering, Demise, Napalm Death...

DP/045 CHRIST AGONY Moonlight - Act III LP (2021)
"Moonlight - Act III" celebrates its 25th anniversary of its original release this year. On this occasion, Deformeathing Production prepared a special vinyl edition of this album in three color versions, including low limits: 250 x Black, 100 x Gold, 50 x Splatter.
The LP is packed in a solid gatefold + accessories (insert, poster in A2 format, two postcards).
Mastering for vinyl by Satanic Audio (Haldor Grunberg). Layout: XXV The Sign (Paweł Ozon).

DP/044 CHRIST AGONY Darkside LP (2021)
"Darkside" originally released in 1997 will be released for the first time in vinyl format. Three color versions - traditionally - including low limits: 250 x Black, 100 x Aqua Blue, 50 x Splatter.
The LP is packed in a solid gatefold + accessories (insert, poster in A2 format, two postcards).
Mastering for vinyl by Satanic Audio (Haldor Grunberg). Layout: XXV The Sign (Paweł Ozon).

DP/043 TENEBRIS Only Fearless Dreams LP (2021)
It is the beginning of 1996. The second Tenebris album is released on cassette. A year later, the CD version appears. The material on the album was bold, innovative, ahead of the time. Despite the undisputed uniqueness, it remained a bit underrated and probably not fully understood... Time passed, the band played concerts, the material began to become legendary here and there, not to say a cult.
Despite many obstacles, mishaps, and volatile market trends, the team has survived, works and creates to this day. This is one of the elements that proves that the music created by Tenebris is something completely different than "momentum", contractual obligations or the desire to shine cheaply in these or other salons.
Ladies and Gentlemen, for the 30th anniversary of the band and the 25th anniversary of the original release - "Only Fearless Dreams" in the vinyl version in the colors of Deformeathing Production!
The LP will be released in the limit of 500 copies - no reprinting is planned. Now or never!
We have prepared several color versions for vinyl collectors:
350 x ONLY Black
100 x FEARLESS White
50 x Splatter DREAMS
The LP is packed in a solid gatefold + 2 inserts (texts, photos, commemorative liner notes written by Szymon) + poster in A2 format + two postcards.
Special mastering for vinyl made at Satanic Audio (Haldor Grunberg).

DP/042 HOSTIA Hostia CD / LP (2021)
In 2018, Hostia appeared on the stage unexpectedly, releasing its debut material "Hostia". 13 songs in just over 20 minutes - condensing, motorized, catchy where you need - in short - strongly and forward.
Moments after the release of their debut, the band almost immediately sat back in the armchair (you can't pat on the back then...) with the words death / grind. The rest of the story is well known.
The debut was only released in the CD version and has been completely sold out for many months.
To meet the needs of the market and the questions of geeks, Deformeathing Prod. prepared a re-edition of this album. There will be both a CD version (jewel case + a thicker booklet with refreshed graphics + slipcase) and a vinyl version (in limited versions and with atmospheric accessories).

DP/041 MOANAA Embers CD (2021)
The third full-length record from polish outfit Moanaa is a substantial switch towards post-black stylistics.
Lyrically album depicts the demise of human relations in a world of virtualized contacts and artificial hyperspace lives, detached from reality itself.
Upcoming material was recorded during 2019-2021, recording sessions took place in Wieloślad and Heaven's Sound studios, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg (THAW, Behemoth, Azarath, Dopelord).
Physical release in 10-panel digipack with artwork conducted by Dogma Noir.

DP/040 MAGNUS Alcoholic Suicide LP (2021) / LP (2022)
A true Polish legend and their third album released for the very first time in vinyl format. 11 tracks of powerful Death/Thrash metal powered by high octane Speed METAL!!!
12” Vinyl (limited to 400 copies: 250 x Black, 100 x Red, 50 x Splatter, second press: 250 x Black, 100 x Bone White, 50 x Splatter) housed in solid gatefold (refreshed artwork, liner notes from the band) + insert + poster.

DP/039 DAMNABLE Inperdition LP (2021)
Ultra/Brutal/Death/Grind masterpiece released for the very first time in vinyl format. 12” Vinyl (limited to 300 copies: 250 x Black, 50 x Splatter) housed in solid gatefold (lyrics + rare pictures + liner notes from the band prepared especially for this release) + huge poster. Refreshed artwork + special vinyl mastering by Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio). It’s time to see your own death!!!

DP/038 HOSTIA Carnivore Carnival CD / LP (2020)
With no doubts, Hostia is a new quality on the Polish (and not only) scene. A fresh look at playing the mix between grindcore and death metal, with brutality, precision, heavyness, and a reasonable dose of catchiness and groove.
The whole thing is provided with great sound from Paweł 'Janos' Grabowski of JNS Studio (Antigama, Masachist, Obscure Sphinx, Riverside).
Cover made by Pachu Design (Łukasz Pach) (Kat, Acid Drinkers, Frontside).
Throwing a few names that evoke associations, one should mention such teams as Nails, Napalm Death, Lock Up, Terrorizer or Cattle Decapitation.

DP/037 STRAIGHT HATE / NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST East Grind Attack Split EP (2020)
Straight Hate and Nuclear Holocaust join their forces under one banner: 'East Grind Attack'
SH - 3 previously unreleased studio tracks available only on 'East Grind Attack'.
NH - 4 studio tracks designed to destroy dance floors, available only on this release.
The cover art was created by Maciej Kamuda.
Layout by Paweł Ozon.
7" EP limited to 500 copies (350 x Black, 100 x Brown, 50 x Splatter).

DP/036 SHODAN Death, Rule Over Us CD / LP (2020)
After nearly a 4 years since their debut album „Protocol of Dying”, Shodan opens up a new chapter.  Without looking  at the scene trends, suggestions and expectations the band just let the music flow.  New effort is a stylistic evolution to a 2016' debut, towards complex and progressive song structures, incorporation of cold-wave elements to Shodan's music as long as organic approach to its production. Even though the band dares to experiment, it remains true to their death metal backbone. Mix and mastering were done by renowned producer Jakub Mańkowski (Entropia, Obscure Sphinx, Jordan Rudess). Cover art and layout is created by Łukasz Pach (Pachu design).

DP/035 STRAIGHT HATE Black Sheep Parade CD / LP (2019)
Three years since the release of the debut album "Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow", Straight Hate returns with their second full album, "Black Sheep Parade". They come confident, firm, open to exploration and bound to open new doors. The band derives from grindcore and constantly builds on it. Retaining their own character, the band is not afraid to penetrate new music areas and use original and daring solutions.
On the new album you can hear influence of Swedish death metal and even some black metal elements. It is no accident that the guest on the album is S. (Blaze Of Perdition, Ulcer).
16 songs and 30 minutes are just enough to prove that Straight Hate is in line with the best grindcore bands from Poland. Expect powerful, energetic and modern material for fans of such teams as Rotten Sound, Nails, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Nasum or Entombed.
The cover author is Maciej Kamuda.

DP/034 THE DEAD GOATS Baptized In The Grave EP (2019)
The wait is over!!! New stuff is on the way... "Baptized In The Grave" brings three brand new tracks prepared especially for that release. Master class of horror/gore swe-death metal - The Dead Goats!!! EP released as 7" EP limited to 500 copies Worldwide.

DP/033 FETOR/CREPITATION Onset Of Horrendosity EP / MCD (2019)
We're really proud to announce our first title for 2019. Two slamming brutal death/grind titans on one split release under Deformeathing Production flag. Both bands prepared brand new tracks, especially for this release. Angel Ochoa (Disgorge, Cephalotripsy) as special guest on Fetor side. Mac Soteros (Marky Mark Fights a Sharky Shark) supporting Crepitation as a guest. Artwork done by Rudi/Gorginsuicide Art.
Recommended if you like: Devourment, Abominable Putridity, Kraanium, Extermination Dismemberment, Analepsy.

DP/032 GRIN Gnosis CD (2018)
Grin's debut album - "Gnosis". Refined, precise technical Thrash/Death/Groove Metal inspired by Voivod, Coroner and Mekong Delta but not without their individual touch. The Grin's line-up features present and former members of bands such as Ghost, Yattering, Blindead and Trauma.

DP/031 ETERITUS Order Of Death CD (2018)
Old school death metal monster – Eteritus – are back with their second full-length album called "Order Of Death". If you’re an old school death metal die-hard and you’d kill for Grave, Entombed, Gorefest, Autopsy, Morgoth or Dismember, Eteritus is definitely something you need to check!!!

DP/030 APE TO GOD The Head Meets The Tail CD (2018)
Ape To God combines elements of thrash, grind, death and groove metal with dystopian and anti-religious themes as well as commentary on society & politics.
The music and the overall concept are inspired by such groups as Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Slayer and Celtic Frost.

DP/029 REINFECTION Breeding Hate CD (2018) / LP (2023)
After 19 years after their iconic debut, Reinfection returned with the album "Breeding Hate". A long break could suggest softening the material or moving to a more mild climate. Nothing could be further from the truth! It's still super fast, super brutal and absolutely crazy. Ultra blast beats combined with grinding guitars, all supported by inhuman vocals. Reinfection does not disappoint, Reinfection kills!

DP/028 REINFECTION They Die For Nothing CD (2018) / LP (2023)
Re-edition of the REINFECTION’s cult debut album released by the Deformeathing Production. First release of the CD appeared on the market nearly 20 years ago through Ablated Records (USA) and it’s been unavailable for a long time.
In the re-edition, original tracks, recorded in Izabelin Studio, are presented in their original form. No re-mastering nor sound processing were applied. Ultra brutal death/gore/grind in its purest form! Only the graphic design was refreshed (a new front cover and thicker booklet were prepared).
Reinfection is an undisputed legend of brutal music, standing in line with the classics of the then scene, such as Damnable, Parricide, Yattering, Dead Infection, Epitome or Squash Bowels.

DP/027 BOTTOM Epidemo MCD (2018)
The mini-album "Epidemo" brings you six completely new tracks, a Lock Up cover and one re-recorded song from "Hateful Music Terrorism" (demo 2003).
Bottom has been known for over 20 years as a musical melting pot, mixed grindcore and death metal in various proportions, however, thrash metal and hardcore/punk inspirations are also audible. This time it will not be different: ear cutting guitars, unconventional, dense drums, tearing out guts bass strike and - all-burning everything - two angry vocals.
The whole recorded in ZED Studio under the watchful eye of Tomasz Zalewski. Marcin Studziński (St. Chaos Art) is responsible for all graphics.

DP/026 TRAUMA Comedy Is Over CD (2017) / LP (2019)
TRAUMA’s debut “Comedy Is Over” re-relased by Deformeathing Production! The original tapes, recorded at S.L. Studio, were remastered by Piotr Gruenpeter from Satanic Audio, brand new layout was created by Archart Studio. A bonus track is added to the release.
The „Comedy Is Over” is undoubtedly a milestone for Polish Death Metal scene. Released in 1996, it was way ahead of its time by its musical visionary, compositional bravery and, despite a debut, maturity in arrangements as well as uncommon lyrics. The album received plenty of good words, being reviewed by the biggest magazines worldwide. But the issue was that it couldn’t be bought anywhere for more than 15 years… until now.

DP/025 DEATHREAT Zero Trust MCD (2017)
Hailing from Cracow, Poland - DEATHREAT stirs together hardcore and crass death metal on Swedish steroids. Rocking the fuck on in the vein of Carnivore, Driller Killer, Cro-Mags and Napalm Death. Their debut mini-album “Zero Trust” incl. nine tracks to bang your head and live your life your way to. Composed in a garage near cemetery on big city outskirts.

DP/024 BOTTOM Psychofilia CD (2017)
Third full album of Bottom. Powerful guitars, duo on vocals and solid rhythm section acting as a strong foundation of the whole. Massive, heavy sound for the fans of Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Nasum! Recorded at ZED Studio under the supervision of Tomasz Zalewski. Graphic design by St. Chaos ART.


DP/023 UGANGA Opressor CD (2017)
European version of 4th full-length Uganga album. Thrash/Crossover straight from Brasil! „Opressor” contains 13 to the point tracks enclosed in a bit over 40 minutes. The album was recorded under a watchful eye of Gustavo Vasquez. Graphics were made by Beto Andrade. Vocalist of Uganga - Manu "Joker", used to be a member of Sarcofago in their early years. In addition to original tracks of the band a cover of Volcano was recorded featurning a guest appearance from Murillo Leito (Genocidio).

DP/022 GRIN A Scanner Darkly + Promo '98 CD (2017)
21 years since GRIN’s formation and first rehearsal, it’s time for the bands first official release. “A Scanner Darkly” will also include the “Promo ’98” as a bonus. The line up features present and former members of bands such as Ghost, Yattering, Blindead and Trauma. Refined, precise technical Thrash / Death / Groove Metal inspired by Voivod, Coroner and Mekong Delta, but not without their own individual touch.

DP/021 YOUDASH Astrophobia CD (2016)
After many years of activity, two EPs and a number of concerts it's time for YOUDASH's debut album "Astrophobia". The band has mastered breaking down the barriers during the creative process. The terms like „convention”, „frames”, „styles”, „limitations”, „calculation” are not the point. There is only an absolute freedom of creating the sound. „Astrophobia” includes eight compositions (7 original tracks + a surprising cover version of a piece by Acid Drinkers, featuring Uappa Terror from Terrordome) lasting 38 minutes as a whole. The author of the album cover is Rafał Wechterowicz. Recommended if you like: Gorguts, Car Bomb, Gojira, Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Naked City, Mr. Bungle.

DP/020 BANISHER Oniric Delusions CD (2016)
Third full length Banisher’s album shows the band as a mature team, marching their own, hard-line way. Intense, dense and brutal music given in absolutely perfect form, where words like “precision”, “technique”, “climate” and “self-confidence” gathers under the “Oniric Delusions” name.

DP/019 FAM Human Cargo CD (2016)
"Human Cargo" is the second, full length FAM album. The album contains 14 first-class tracks, a sophisticated massacre, on the verge of death metal and grind core. "Human Cargo" is absolutely one of the strongest premieres of 2016!!!!

DP/018 TRAUMA Invisible Reality + Promo 1991 CD (2016) / MC (2016) / LP (2019)
In the early 90s ‘Invisible Reality’ created solid foundations of the Polish underground scene, paralyzing all listeners by its power till today. Fierce and brutal material with the characteristic element for one and only – Trauma! The re-edition of the classic title has been extended to the material ‘Promo 1991’ that has never been released before. The huge booklet includes unpublished photos, info about recordings, lyrics and long liner notes written by Mister prepared specifically for this release.

DP/017 STRAIGHT HATE Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow CD (2016)
The debut Straight Hate’s album is filled with 30 minutes of hell in 17 different guises. It is simply an explosion of grindcore with a clear influence of old school punk music. Intense, brutal and rich of energy material presented in a unconventional form. Definitely, all fans of Rotten Sound, Napalm Death or Extreme Noise Terror have to pay attention to this album.

DP/016 SHODAN Protocol Of Dying CD (2016)
The debut SHODAN’s album, titled “Protocol of Dying”. Thick as tar death metal for those, whose hearts beat faster thinking of Gorguts, At The Gates, Decapitated. It’s all graved with Nevermore alike visionary and seasoned with a bit of Emperor. Freshness and precision are the main ingredients of the mixture.

DP/015 EPITOME Autoe’ROT’icism/Engulf The Decrepitude CD (2015) / MC (2016) / LP (2020)
Epitome – a band whose original musical approach, incredible live shows has turned the grind scene upside down. Let’s be clear – after autoe”ROT”icism nothing was as it had been earlier. It’s the title that nearly 20 years ago was shaping the brutal scene and was setting its standards. Cold, mechanical, mega-brutal grind, not avoiding experiments and maverick solutions. As a bonus, the first Epitome demo „Engulf The Decrepitude” is added to the release. Raw and brutal as hell material, showing already what Epitome would slay our arses with, in the future!

DP/014 EPITOME Theo’ROT’ical CD (2015)
European release of the Epitome's 4th CD. Pathological, dehumanized, mechanical grind core in 11 scenes.

DP/013 TERRORDOME Machete Justice LP (2016) / LP (2019)
Energetic, brutal thrash/crossover for the fans of Razor, Dark Angel and Slayer! Limited edition, extended with a bonus track, never published before!

DP/012 SPHERE Mindless Mass CD (2015)
Third full length album of Polish band. Prepare for a brutal death metal in it's purest form. Heavy, blasting, mad, furious... Killer stuff!!! For fans of Vital Remains, Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Vader, Decapitated...

DP/011 SQUASH BOWELS Grindvirus Syndrome-Live At OEF 2011 DVD (2015)
One of the biggest grind band on the planet – SQUASH BOWELS - is coming with their first official DVD “Grindvirus Syndrome-Live At OEF 2011”. DVD (digipack+booklet) include set from Obscene Extreme Festival 2011 and extras: Obscene Extreme 2004, Blood Supply – Live Video from Moscow, SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2005, Obscene Extreme 2006, Ostrava 2007, Fekal Party 2007. Full proffesional edition + killer sound = can’t miss!!!

DP/010 TRAUMA/OFFENCE Craving For…/Holy Vermin EP (2015)
Polish death metal veterans from Trauma vs. Old school death metal crew from Offence. New, unreleased before stuff. Release limited to 500 copies on splatter vinyl.

DP/009 DISHELL Final Matters EP (2014)
D-Beat Inferno from Cracow. Release limited to 250 copies on clear vinyl. For fans of Wolfbrigade, Disfear...

DP/008 PARRICIDE/PATOLOGICUM Double Blast On Rocket Fuel EP (2014)
Two Polish bands on one split EP. Death/Grindcore vs. Purde Goregrind. Two songs + Machetazo cover from Parricide / 3 songs + intros from Patologicum. Release limited to 500 copies.

DP/007 BOYS FIRST TIME Boys First Time CD (2009)
10 great songs of Math/Grindcore band from France. Recommended if you like See You Next Tuesday, Ed Gein, Dillinger Escape Plan...

DP/006 INCANTATION Primordial Domination LP (2009)
8th full album of Death Metal gods from USA in 12" vinyl format. Limited to 666 numbered copies. Licensed from Listenable Records.

DP/005 HEATENIC NOIZ ARCHITECT Already A Legend CD (2007)
Hardcore/Metal/Experimental band from Poland. 12 songs for fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Queens Of The Stone Age...

DP/004 DISGORGE Gore Blessed To The Worms LP (2007)
Mexican gods with their 4th full album in 12" vinyl format. Release limited to 500 numbered copies. Licensed from Xtreem Music.

DP/003 ANTIGAMA/DEFORMED Roots Of Chaos CD (2006)
Two Polish bands on one CD. Tech-Grind Antigama vs. Inhuman Hypergrind Deformed.

DP/002 SICKBAG Bushido Codex CD (2006)
Debut album of French sensation – Sickbag. Death/Grind/Crossover in the vein of Misery Index, Napalm Death...

DP/001 DEFORMED Project Torture 005 CD (2005)
First full length album of Polish inhuman hypergrind machine. 10 tracks + multimedia section (3 live cuts from Obscene Extreme Festival, gallery...). For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Damnable, Napalm Death.

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