YTIVARG Wardenclyffe CD

ISACAARUM is dead, long live YTIVARG!!!! BLP presents debut full album of Czech grindcore/black metal band YTIVARG!!! With members from ISACAARUM, INGROWING and BIZZARE EMBALMING!!! Ultra heavy blackened grindcore attack with ultra fast drums!!! For fans Isacaarum, Impaled Nazarene etc....




Title: Wardenclyffe

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.

Cat. No.: BLP0181

Format: CD

Style: Grindcore/Black Metal


1. High voltage discharge, 2. Bipolar transistor, 3. Go against current, 4. Anode annihilation, 5. Wardenclyffe, 6. Offensive electronic warfare, 7. Anomalous EMP, 8. Broken insulator, 9. Bias distortion

Additional Information

Artist Ytivarg
Style Grindcore
Label Bizarre Leprous