WINTERWOLF Cycle Of The Werewolf CD

Debut album of this Finnish band featuring Demilich's frontman Antti with Deathchain members. Pure old school nordic Death Metal in the vein of Entombed, Demigod, Carnage, Bolt Thrower, Demilich, Autopsy, Dismember, Obituary... Perhaps the most fresh, intense, heavy and "perfect" album since "Left Hand Path"!!




Title: Cycle Of The Werewolf

Label: Xtreem Music

Cat. No.: XM072CD

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Intro to Death, 2. Phantoms of Madness, 3. Cemetary by Night, 4. Lycanthropic Aeons, 5. nataS fo tsaeB, 6. All Shall Be Eaten, 7. Shadows, Howling and Doom, 8. Wolf Skin Mask, 9. Return to the Shadow of Death, 10. Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower cover)

Additional Information

Artist Winterwolf
Style Death Metal
Label Xtreem Music