WARMBLOOD Putrefaction Emphasis CD

4th full-length album released by The Spew Records.




Title: Putrefaction Emphasis

Label: The Spew Rec.

Cat. No.: TS039

Format: CD

Style: Death Metal


1. Intro (A Prayer), 2. Thousand Dead Eyes, 3. Unending Agony Of Putrefaction, 4. Bloody Resurrection, 5. Cloister Of The Dead Pt.1 (The Prophecy), 6. Cloister Of The Dead Pt.2 (The Bereavement), 7. Cloister Of The Dead Pt.3 (The Covenant_Sinister Morphine), 8. Return To Dunwich, 9. Supremacy Through The Carnage

Additional Information

Artist Warmblood
Style Death Metal
Label The Spew