WARFIST The Devil Lives In Grünberg CD

Debut full-length of degenerates from Warfist hailing from Zielona Góra/Poland. Expect nothing but the filthy, foul and blasphemous mixture of blackened thrash metal with a rock'n'roll feeling, which was band's trademark on their previous releases. Album contains 11 songs of pitch black old school in vein of old Bathory, Sodom, Venom or Motörhead.




Title: The Devil Lives In Grünberg

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PR043CD

Format: CD

Style: Black/Thrash Metal


1. Bestial Attack, 2. The Fire Of Our Wrath, 3. The Silent Assassin, 4. 1665 - The Last Pyre, 5. Thrash Through The Night, 6. HellSlut, 7. Black Mass Ritual, 8. Ironfist Commando, 9. Vengeance From Hell, 10. The Damned, 11. The Devil Lives In Grünberg

Additional Information

Artist Warfist
Style Thrash Metal
Label Psycho