WARFIST / EXHALATION / MESMERIZED Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression CD

“Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression”- The title says it all. 15 lethal tracks (including a Venom cover by Warfist) in the vein of old school death/black/thrash metal, dripping with venom, aggression, and perverison. This should certainly satisfy more than one maniac of the underground. Every band is different – and every is a killer! Apart from the music, this poisonous split can boast about its remarkably depraved layout authored by a graphic artist known as Perversor. The guy has a great talent to depict his very sick visions! The best proof is the grahic concept of this release.




Title: Satanic & Violent Metal Aggression

Label: Psycho Rec.

Cat. No.: PR006CD

Format: CD

Style: Black/Death/Thrash Metal



1. Satanic War Metal, 2. Latex Domination, 3. Goatcocksucker (2009), 4. Welcome to Hell (Venom cover)


5. Anxiety (Intro), 6. Prophet of Pain, 7. Skull Trepanation, 8. Martwy za życia, 9. Embodied Filth, 10. Quiescence (Outro)


11. Intro, 12. Lesser Minds, 13. Bringer of Death - Bringer of Doom, 14. Vestiges of Terror, 15. His Empty Shrine (New Version)

Additional Information

Artist Warfist
Style Death Metal
Label Psycho