WAR Dawn Of The New Epoch / The War Horde CD

Compilation released in 2007. Black metal!!!



Band: WAR

Title: Dawn Of The New Epoch/The War Horde

Label: Regimental Rec.

Cat. No.: REG048

Format: CD

Style: Black Metal


Dawn Of New Epoch:

1. The Revenge, 2. Hate Must Go On, 3. New Time Will Come, 4. The Unknown, 5. Last Attack, 6. Dawn Of New Epoch, 7. Fog, 8. Dark Land

The War Horde:

9. The Witches, 10. Age Of War, 11. Eclipse, 12. Deadspeak, 13. Fog, 14. In The Fire, 15. Dreams About A Fear, 16. This Dark Land It's Mine

Additional Information

Artist War
Style Black Metal
Label Regimental