VOLBEAT Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie 2LP+CD

Full-length album from 2016 released on double vinyl.




Title: Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie

Label: Universal Music Group

Cat. No.: 4779103

Format: 2LP+CD

Style: Heavy Metal/Rock’n’Roll


A1. The Devil's Bleeding Crown, A2. Marie Laveau, A3. For Evigt, B1. The Gates Of Babylon, B2. Let It Burn, B3. Black Rose, C1. Rebound, C2. Mary Jane Kelly, C3. Goodbye Forever, C4. Seal The Deal, D1. Battleship Chains, D2. You Will Know, D3. The Loa's Crossroad, D4. The Bliss (Bonus)


Additional Information

Artist Volbeat
Style Rock/Metal
Label Universal