VISCERAL BLEEDING Absorbing The Disarray CD

Full-length album from 2007. Recommended if you like Cannibal Corpse, Prostitute Disfigurement, Internal Suffering… Slipcase edit.




Title: Absorbing The Disarray

Label: Neurotic Rec.

Cat. No.: NRT060012

Format: CD

Style: Brutal Death Metal


1. Bi-Polar, 2. Disgust the Vile, 3. Despise Defined, 4. Perpetual Torment Commence, 5. Emulated Sense: Failure, 6. Rip the Flesh, 7. Absorbing the Disarray, 8. Awakened by Blood, 9. Beyond the Realms of Reason, 10. Bring Forth the Bedlam, 11. Demise of the One That Conquered


12. Rip The Flesh (Video), 13. Disgust The Vile (Video)

Additional Information

Artist Visceral Bleeding
Style Death Metal
Label Neurotic