VIRGIN SIN Brotherhood Of Freaks CD

Join the brotherhood of Freaks!! Swedish band Virgin Sin deliver a bizzare journey into insanity, lust and violence, a raw and furious thrash discharge deep into your ears. Feel the brutality of their new album, the intensity of its ferocious and sometimes censored (horror inspired) shows. A clean and powerful sound made out of the freakiest minds in the whole Sweden. A great mixture between the thrash metal from bands like Slayer, Kreator or Sodom, and the groovy heavy metal of acts like Wasp, Metallica, or Judas Priest….




Title: Brotherhood Of Freaks

Label: Mondongo Canibale Rec.

Cat. No.: MCR–008

Format: CD

Style: Thrash/Heavy Metal


1. Brotherhood Of Freaks, 2. Eat Your Enemies, 3. Tarantula, 4. Deep Red, 5. Scars, 6. Whoregasm, 7. Eternal Nightmare, 8. Sane Inside Insanity, 9. Face The Blade, 10. Skinned Alive

Additional Information

Artist Virgin Sin
Style Thrash Metal
Label Mondongo Canibale