SQUASH BOWELS Dead?... Not Yet!!! LP

Three legendary Squash Bowels demos (+ bonus tracks) released on vinyl. Black vinyl limited to 400 copies. Goregrind cult!!!




Title: Dead?… Not Yet!!!

Label: Underground Front Rec.

Cat. No.: UFR004

Format: LP

Style: Goregrind


A1. Noise Product, A2. Surge Of Assurance, A3. A Suspect, A4. New Standards, A5. More Our Colours, A6. Medical Exhibition, A7. Logopedic Formalism, A8. Stumpers, A9. The Grind Core-spondent, A10. Soundmind, A11. Year-Noise-Chaos, B1. Guzzling Away From Inside (intro), B2. The Mass Sickening, B3. Interpersonal Relations, B4. Human Acceleration, B5. Greetings From Poland, B6. Right To Live, B7. Disharmonized Voices, B8. Mutilations Corporations, B9. Regulation Peoples Fear, B10. Tested Creatures, B11. Lustmord, B12. More Our Colours, B13. Victims, B14. Human Acceleration, B15. Old Things, B16. Mad Dentist

Additional Information

Artist Squash Bowels
Style Goregrind
Label Underground Front