FUNEST Desecrating Obscurity LP

Debut album released on black vinyl.




Title: Desecrating Obscurity

Label: Morbid Generation Rec.

Cat. No.: MGR063

Format: LP

Style: Death Metal


1. Intro - Desecrating Obscurity (Instrumental), 2. Buried And Forsaken, 3. Obsession For Desecration, 4. Darkened Genesis, 5. Fornicate The Deceased, 6. Catacomb Torture (Mutilator From The Grave), 7. Interlude - Butchering The Prophet Of God (Instrumental), 8. Marching On Dead Angels, 9. Blessed Shepherd Of Decline, 10. The Stench Of Blessing, 11. Ascension In Desolation, 12. Deranged Baptism


Additional Information

Artist Funest
Style Death Metal
Label Morbid Generation