ENCOFFINATION We Proclaim Your Death O' Lord 2LP

The 4th album of suffocation and oppresive funereal death metal from these purveyors of wretched doom. Accept no imitation or falsehoods. Formed by members of death metal bands FATHER BEFOULED and DECREPITAPH (among many others). A must have for fans of INCANTATION, RIPPIKOULU, MORPHEUS DESCENDS, DISEMBOWELMENT.

Double black vinyl limited to 200 copies.




Title: We Proclaim Your Death O’ Lord

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG229

Format: 2LP

Style: Death/Doom Metal


1. Ebony Skulls, 2. Graveside Monoliths, 3. The Keys of Hell and Death, 4. Robe and Crown, 5. Mysterium Fidei, 6. A Monstrance of Human Bone, 7. Haunted Voices

Additional Information

Artist Encoffination
Style Death Metal
Label Selfmadegod