DEW-SCENTED Intermination LP

Full-length album from 2015 released on Dark Green vinyl (limited to 300 copies) housed in gatefold.




Title: Intermination

Label: Metal Blade Rec.

Cat. No.: 3984-15398-1

Format: LP

Style: Death/Thrash Metal


A1. Declaration Of Intent, A2. On A Collision Course, A3. Scars Of Creation, A4. Affect Gravity, A5. Means To An End, A6. Ode To Extinction, A7. Demon Seed, B1. Power Surge, B2. Ruptured Perpetually, B3. Living Lies, B4. Atavistic, B5. Reborn, B6. Radiation Sickness

Additional Information

Artist Dew-Scented
Style Death Metal
Label Metal Blade