CUFF Interstellar Deviance LP

Mini-album Cuff released for the the very first time in vinyl format with bonus tracks. Black vinyl limited to 300 copies.



Band: CUFF

Title: Interstellar Deviance

Label: Morbid Generation Rec.

Cat. No.: MGR061

Format: LP

Style: Death Metal


A1. Exomorphic Divination, A2. Pulsations In Anti-Matter, A3. Archaic Mysticism, A4. Bypassing Evolution, A5. Prophecies Unexplained, B1. Subhuman Embodiment, B2. Ceremonial Abduction, B3. Anthropomorphic Fragmentation, B4. Cosmogenic Disintegration, B5. The Death Of VY Canis Majoris, B6. Ectoplasmic Reconvenence


Additional Information

Artist Cuff
Style Death Metal
Label Morbid Generation