AXIS OF PERDITION The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques) LP

Back from the vortex of non-existence, England’s industrial black metal vanguards return to remind us of the damage once done by their haunted first full-length, “The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques)”. After well over a decade since its original release, it turns out to still possess the powers to inject sonic poison into the listener’s system, squeeze one’s stomach with cacophonous riffing, and literally make one feel lost amidst the sickening verses and dirty digital rhythms. In times when the word ‘dissonant’ means anything but ‘dangerous’, the twisted qualities of “The Ichneumon Method” might be a remedy for those who still seek truly extreme experiences in 2017. The new vinyl mix and mastering done by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio is a guarantee that The Axis of Perdition’s praised debut is once again able to eat you from the inside. Limited black vinyl.




Title: The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques)

Label: Arachnophobia Rec.

Cat. No.: ARA033

Format: LP

Style: Industrial/Black Metal


A1. A Ruined Nation Awakens, A2. To Walk the Corridors of Hell, A3. Nightmare Suspension, A4. My Time, My Reign, My Tyranny, B1. Forms on the Other Side of Silence, B2. Reflections of the Underdark, B3. Born Under the Knife, Live in Pain, B4. Disturbance in the Perpetual Screen

Additional Information

Artist Axis Of Perdition
Style Black Metal
Label Arachnophobia