AGATHOCLES / SETE STAR SEPT Braindead Politicians Extermination Squad / Tribute To Agathocles EP

Legendary mincecore veterans from Belgium team up with grind/noise duo from Japan for a split release! It was just a matter of time when both bands would join their forces and share the material on any physical format.  AGx offer 10 songs recorded in 2016/2017 and SSS with "Tribute To AGATHOCLES" side come with 4 covers songs of... AGATHOCLES! You can't miss this soon-to-be-classic record!

Black vinyl limited to 400 copies.




Title: Braindead Politicians Extermination Squad/Tribute To Agathocles

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG169

Format: EP

Style: Grindcore/Mincecore



A1. Machinegun Run, A2. Take Back What's Stolen, A3. Money Grabbing Fuckheads, A4. Waste Of Human Space, A5. From Elections To Manipulation, A6. Braindead Politicians Extermination Squad, A7. Their Policy Is Robbery, A8. Fat Wallet Bastards, A9. Blow Up The Ivory Tower, A10. Profiteering Scumbags

Sete Star Sept:

B1. Teachers, B2. Inevitable, B3. Gorgonized Dorks, B4. Lay Off Me

Additional Information

Artist Agathocles
Style Grindcore
Label Selfmadegod