VENOM Welcome To Hell CD

Cult compilation.




Title: Welcome To Hell

Label: Sanctuary Rec.

Cat. No.: CMRCD471

Format: CD

Style: Black/Speed/Heavy Metal


1. Sons Of Satan, 2. Welcome To Hell, 3. Schizo, 4. Mayhem With Mercy, 5. Poison, 6. Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil), 7. Witching Hour, 8. One Thousand Days In Sodom, 9. Angel Dust, 10. In League With Satan, 11. Red Light Fever, 12. Angel Dust (from lead weight), 13. In League With Satan (7" version), 14. Live Like An Angel (7" version), 15. Bloodlust (7" single B), 16. In Domine Satanas (7" single B), 17. Angel Dust (Demo), 18. Raise The Dead (Demo), 19. Red Light Fever (Demo), 20. Welcome To Hell (Demo), 21. Bitch WItch (Outtake), 22. Snots Shit (Outtake)

Additional Information

Artist Venom
Style Black Metal
Label Sanctuary