Black metal from Northern Poland loaded wild wilderness and heathen spirit. VARMIA’s second album released as classic jewelcase CD with 20-page booklet.

Varmia favour the natural and authentic sound. That is why the new album was recorded in a makeshift studio in an old barn, while the vocals and ethnic instruments were recorded live in the forests in Warmia, a region in northern Poland. The result of this is black metal loaded with wilderness and heathen spirit. Varmia were established in 2016 in Olsztyn, Poland by guitarist & vocalist, Lasota. The band’s name is taken from the historical region in northern Poland, Warmia. It reflects the band’s lyrical content which is inspired by pre-Slavic qualities and heritage of the Warmia district. Varmia carry the ethnic Slavic spirit into the recording by utilising Slavic instruments and recording the material fully live.




Title: W Ciele Nie

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOONCD114

Format: CD

Style: Black Metal


1. TAWE, 2. biesowisko, 3. Pokarvis, 4. Stygma Ziemi, 5. Ni ya, 6. czeremcha, 7. Now sie rodzi, 8. skvarc, 9. bez pozegnania

Additional Information

Artist Varmia
Style Black Metal
Label Pagan