UTOPIE Instinct For Existence CD

Ultra Hyper Goregrind from Germany.




Title: Instinct For Existence

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod.

Cat. No.: BLP018

Format: CD

Style: Goregrind


01. My blood through your veins - My words through your mouth, 02. Spat out to live, 03. He put his erected phallus in her anal canal and said: ......, 04. Manipulated and dismembered like a piece of shit, 05. Short erection 9, 06. Kill - fuck - mutilate, 07. Phalluskult usus, 08. Suffocate and perish in separation of humanity, 09. Stop viagra - smoke pot, 10. Long erection, 11. Short erection 10, 12. The way to be an autocannibal, 13. Psychopathologic menstruationorgasm, 14. Short erection 11, 15. Our life - our reality, 16. You are what I eat

Additional Information

Artist Utopie
Style Goregrind
Label Bizarre Leprous