TORSOFUCK Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy LP

First full-length album released on black vinyl (limited to 400 copies) by Morbid Generation Records.




Title: Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

Label: Morbid Generation Rec.

Cat. No.: MGR073

Format: LP

Style: Goregrind


A1. Mutilated For Sexual Purposes, A2. Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy, A3. Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver, A4. Worm Infested Anal, A5. Raped By Elephants, A6. Pussy Mutilation, B1. Snuffed Freak, B2. Four Legged Whore, B3. Cannibal

High Level Cannibalistic Violence (Demo 1999):

B4. Insects In Her Anal, B5. Hacked To 50 Party, B6. Last Torture, B7. High Level Cannibalistic Violence


Additional Information

Artist Torsofuck
Style Goregrind
Label Morbid Generation