THRONEUM Pestilent Death CD Digipack

“Pestilent Death” is the legendary third full-lenght album from one of the Poland's most renowned unholy morbid death metal killing machines! Originally released in 2005 on now defunct Apocalyptor Records, now repackaged with expanded art and photography, and 4 bonus tracks! This re-release has not been re-mixed or re-mastered in any way to keep the original sound and atmosphere. This is mayhem without mercy from Poland’s profound underground!




Title: Pestilent Death

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOON077

Format: CD Digipack

Style: Death Metal


1. Cadaveric Cult (Varf Shub-Niggurath), 2. The Way Through Dungeon Tombs, 3. Evil Worship, 4. Creatures Of Darkness And Sadness, 5. Queen Goat Whore, 6. Cruel Flesh Devourement, 7. Their Altar, 8. We Summon Thee, 9. I Invoke You Gods Of The Night, 10. Pestilent Death, 11. Damnation, 12. Black Pharaoh Of Oncoming Era Of Horus, 13. Forbidden Words, 14. Primordial Conception, 15. Mass Of Black Locusts (outro)


16. Orders Of Doom, 17. Bloody Parchment Persist, 18. Forbidden Words, 19. Pestilent Death

Additional Information

Artist Throneum
Style Death Metal
Label Pagan