THE DOG The Devil Comes At Night CD

Aggressive and furious hardcore/powerviolence for fans of Negative Approach, D.R.I., Spazz, Thrash Talk, Despise You!, Infest.




Title: The Devil Comes At Night

Label: EveryDay Hate

Cat. No.: EDH080

Format: CD

Style: Hardcore/Powerviolence


1. Feed The Worms With Their Guts, 2. Pathetic Motherfuckers, 3. The Will Of Religion, 4. The Constant Factor, 5. Cult Of Nothing, 6. Mob, 7. Stupid Assholes, 8. Immitation Of Man, 9. Kid, 10. Hannibal At Your Ceiling, 11. I Am Not The Man I Think I Am, 12. The Devil Comes At Night, 13. I Could Have Done It Better, 14. Sculpture Of Mars, 15. I Skip The Evening Prayer

Additional Information

Artist The Dog
Style Hardcore/Punk
Label EveryDay Hate