THAW St. Phenome Alley LP

As of 2017 and the Polish extreme music reaching the peak of its creative capacities, THAW can be considered originators of the current resurgency on fringes of the black metal movement. Having always valued courage and openness way more than genre purity, the band have released two successful full-length works as well as a couple of different, even more experimental formats. “St. Phenome Alley” is one of them. Consisting of two entirely improvised, brooding and bleak sonic arrangements, it shows the band's abilities which exceed any limitations and permeate even the most strict musical rule.



Band: THAW

Title: St. Phenome Alley

Label: Pagan Rec.

Cat. No.: MOON109

Format: LP

Style: Black Metal/Drone/Ambient/Doom


1. n/a/k, 2. p/m/g

Additional Information

Artist Thaw
Style Black Metal
Label Pagan