THAW Decay/Advance 2CD

Early Thaw stuff, demos “Decay” and “Advance” + additional songs. 90 minutes in total. Two CD’s packed in jewel case. Release limited to 500 copies.



Band: THAW

Title: Decay/Advance

Label: Witching Hour Prod.

Cat. No.: EVIL050CD

Format: 2CD

Style: Avant-Garde/Post Black Metal


CD 1 “Decay”:

01.Motherboard, 02.For Ages, 03.Wound, 04.Decay, 05.Processing, 06.Wrathstar, 07.Decomposition, 08.Shadowplay, 09.From Solid To Liquid, 10.Consumed By It’s Own Soil, 11.Usque Ad Consummationem Saeculi

CD 2 “Advance”:

01.Wasteland, 02.Greed, 03.Awake, 04.Dak

Additional Information

Artist Thaw
Style Black Metal
Label Witching Hour