TERRORDOME We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch! CD

Debut album.




Title: We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!

Label: Defense Rec.

Cat. No.: DEFENSE004

Format: CD

Style: Thrash Metal/Crossover


1. This Aggression Never Gives A Shit To The Society, 2. Wish You Were Killed, 3. Silence (While The Violence's On), 4. Thrash Till Deaf, 5. Bad Motherfucker, 6. Blowjobber, 7. Chemicals Of Death/Urban Mutants, 8. Embodimental, 9. New World's Evil, 10. Broken Government, 11. Terrorized, 12. Hang The Cop, 13.1. The Whole Audience Goes Full Blast! 13.2. (silence), 13.3. (the hidden track)

Additional Information

Artist Terrordome
Style Thrash Metal
Label Defense