STURMOVIK Destination Nowhere CD

Debut full length of the new Polish band risen from the ashes of WILD BITCHES and with two current members of THE DEAD GOATS. This 30-minute journey brings 9 songs of powerful and catchy d-beat/crustpunk full of melody and hardcore/punk energy. “Destination Nowhere” will definitely appeal to all fans of DISFEAR, WOLFBRIGADE, GENOCIDE SS, VICTIMS, HELLSHOCK, MARTYRDOD.




Title: Destination Nowhere

Label: Selfmadegod Rec.

Cat. No.: SMG145

Format: CD

Style: Hardcore/Punk/D-Beat


1. Matters Not, 2. Saint Of Chains, 3. Bad Earth, Bad Sons, 4. Mental Uprising, 5. Beware Of The Funfair, 6. Downbeat Ending, 7. Trial By Fire, 8. Head Of A Family, 9. Choosing Death

Additional Information

Artist Sturmovik
Style Hardcore/Punk
Label Selfmadegod