STRAIGHT HATE Black Sheep Parade LP (Grey/Red Splatter)

Second full-length album.

12” Grey/Red Splatter Vinyl (limited to 50 copies) housed in solid gatefold + download code.




Title: Black Sheep Parade

Label: Deformeathing Prod.

Cat. No.: DP/035LP

Format: LP

Style: Grindcore


A1. Pawns In The Game, A2. Meaningless Thrash, A3. The Kneaders, A4. Fuck Divisions, A5. Uncontrolled Hypertension, A6. Insurance Policy, A7. Turn On Thinking, A8. Patostream, B1. Above The Law (feat. S.), B2. Black Sheep Parade, B3. Lost In Greed, B4. Gnijące Istnienie, B5. Degraded Modern, B6. Bastard, B7. Nosedive, B8. Cribe Contest


Three years since the release of the debut album "Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow", Straight Hate returns with their second full album, "Black Sheep Parade". They come confident, firm, open to exploration and bound to open new doors.

The band derives from grindcore and constantly builds on it. Retaining their own character, the band is not afraid to penetrate new music areas and use original and daring solutions.

On the new album you can hear influence of Swedish death metal and even some black metal elements. It is no accident that the guest on the album is S. (Blaze Of Perdition, Ulcer).

16 songs and 30 minutes are just enough to prove that Straight Hate is in line with the best grindcore bands from Poland. Expect powerful, energetic and modern material for fans of such teams as Rotten Sound, Nails, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Nasum or Entombed.

The cover author is Maciej Kamuda.

12” Grey/Red Splatter Vinyl (limited to 50 copies) housed in solid gatefold + download code.

Additional Information

Artist Straight Hate
Style Grindcore
Label Deformeathing